New ‘HORIPAD’ MFi Game Controller Coming Soon

It looks like another manufacturer is about to try their hand at making an MFi controller. HORI, a long-historied Japanese controller and accessory manufacturer, is set to release the HORIPAD controller for iOS in the coming months.

HORIPAD MFi controller picture
The HORIPAD controller

The HORIPAD is a wireless bluetooth MFi controller with a similar layout to the PlayStation’s design. The analog sticks seem to be close in design to the Xbox 360 controller’s feel, though with the FPS-friendly parallel layout of the PlayStation controller.

This HORIPAD controller for iOS seems to be based on the currently-discontinued HORIPAD Pro PlayStation controller.

The HORIPAD Pro, with a strong family resemblance and a giant cable

Very little is known about this controller so far. I was tipped off about it only yesterday, when it appeared in the screenshot artwork of the Japan-only Monster Hunter Portable 2 game. While I was able to obtain a higher quality art asset, I wasn’t able to find much in the way of additional information about the controller.

More information about the HORIPAD will likely be available as it nears release. While there are no shortage of wireless controllers for iOS on the horizon, HORI is known for making good quality accessories at reasonable prices. This is one to watch.